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  Finca Bayano consists of 'Farm Lands' and 'Building Plots'. The minimum size of a 'Building Plot' is 600 square meters, which is about 6,600 square foot. The price for one square meter starts from 35 US$. Thus, the price for a 'Building Plot' of 600 square meters starts from 21,000 US$. A 'Farm Land' has the minimum size of 3,000 square meters, which is about 33,000 square foot. The price for one square meter starts from 8 US$. Both, 'Farm Land' and 'Building Plot' will be registered in the Buyer's name in the Land Registry, which is called 'Registro P├║blico' in Panama. Get more information with a click on the images in the right column, 'Building Plots', 'Farm Lands', 'Our Neighbors' and '$'. Here you may download the Sales Agreement.
A house may only be built on a 'Building Plot'. Nowadays, the region around Finca Bayano is very safe, and generally, Panama is safe outside the urban areas. A global crash, however, might change that and affect us negatively, too. For that reason, living closely together
in the village community, for protection, is preferable to housing sprawl. Only barns and staples may be built on a 'Farm Land'.
Within two years after signing the agreement, rainforest-invest will develop the 'Farm Land' in such a way that sufficient amounts of food may be produced. This concerns the application of natural fertilizers to improve the soil and planting the 'Farm Land' with trees and local crops. The development of the 'Building Plot' includes building the roads, errecting fences, planting the land, building a septic tank, connecting an internet antenna as well as connectiing water and power.
We call Finca Bayano a 'Survival Insurance'. If we should be forced to live one day of our own production of food at Finca Bayano, this insurance will be invaluable. However, Finca Bayano is not a suitable object for speculation. An increase in value, above the total costs of the purchase, may not be expected.
Finca Bayano Is Neither Theory Nor Conspirancy.