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    Sometimes people are asking me why land at Finca Bayano is 'so' expensive. They can get much more land for much less money somewhere else, they say. Some are talking about a farm in Europe, others would possibly prefer a big chunk of land in Canada or in the the jungle of Brazil. Besides, some say, the price of one hectare of land in the Panamanian province is only 3,000 US$...
To explain in a few words, I have to say that at Finca Bayano everything had to be started from scratch: Thousands of plants have been planred, fences have been errected and roads have been built. In 2017,
we are going to lay water pipes, install the power sistem and build dams for the irrigation. However, the biggest job is to improve the soil, as the land has been used many years for cattle breeding. To do this organically, is a challenge that takes a long time.
One million dollars have been invested
and it will take another million to make Finca Bayano our home. That's seven dollars per square meter. Too expensive?