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    rainforest-invest was active in the reforestation from 2006 until 2009.
Designed in 2006, the
rainforest-invest logo represents exponential growth of trees. Instead of very common teak monocultures I was planting mixed plantations, by then. The special feature of this concept was that, apart from teak, other species were integrated in the plantation. Over a period of 25 years it was planned, to cut all the teak trees, however, leave the other trees to keep on growing. The teak wood should have been sold in order to fulfill the purpose of the investment and a mixed forest would have kept on growing to meet the idea of real afforestation.
Unfortunately, very few people liked this model because the returns were forecast lower than the ones of monocultures. It's
money that investors interested in, not the environment. Therefore I sold the plantations in 2009. What remains is the logo and the hope that all plants at Finca Bayano will grow exponentially in 2017.