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  Visit Us At Finca Bayano
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    Future residents of our village, who have bought land at Finca Bayano already, don't have to pay to stay in our house. Visitors who have not acquired land yet, are paying 50 US$ per day; a family pays as much as a single visitor. In addition, there are costs for meals or excursions. Payment must be done to my PayPal account in advance.
It is not my intention to make money on visitors, however, due to the rapidly worsening situation in ÔéČurope and the increasing demand for 'Bug Out Locations', I find myself compelled to make the limited living space, as well as my time, only available to visitors that are seriously interested in our project.
People who decide to acquire land after having visited us, may deduct the money they have paid to stay in our house, from the purchase price of the land that they buy at Finca Bayano.
Please make your reservation in time.