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    Who wants to emigrate to Panama, should definitely know how to fit snow chains on their car.  :-)
That's how we drove on the dirt roads in 2010 when we were looking for the land to establish Finca Bayano: snow chains fitted on all wheels. Otherwise, many of the roads, away from the main streets,
were impassable during the rainy season. Today, there's not much time for adventure, so the chains are only used at Finca Bayano when it's raining extemely.
Sometimes, people assume that I am doing business with
the fear of others and that I hope a crash would happen soon. I do believe that Panama will be spared from the worst, as it was in the Second World War. But that's no reason at all to be longing for a crash, because what's going to happen might be worse than we all are able to imagine. In addition, it is human to have fear and to think about the future. So why should it therefore not be human, to offer a possible solution.