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  Marlon       back to text
    My name is Marlon. I was born on 12.12.2000 in Trinidad. Accordingly, on
12.12.2012 I became twelve years old.
When I was five, I heard words like suicide attackers and economical crisis for the first time. Of course, I didn't understand. When I was ten, I joined my father watching videos about the demonstrations in Greece. By then, he explained to me that we have come to Panama, because we do not want to experience things like these. Also, he said that it will get much worse. Today, I realize the world is getting more crazy every day and the news about other countries are like very tough science fiction films. For that reason, I believe that we are quite safe at Finca Bayano.
Six years ago, we emigrated to Panama and we immediately started to look for the land we wanted to buy. On one of those trips, my father took the photo of me with that sloth. I was not in school for a whole year and learned Spanish instead. I hope that many of you will come soon and bring kids of my age.