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  Survival Insurance   What Does It Cost?
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    The cheapest way to emigrate to Panama requires about 20,000 US$. There are plans to open organic food shops in the cities to generate income for everyone living at Finca Bayano. As long as conflicts are limited to Asia, Africa and Europe, and as long as a worldwide total collapse does not occur, we will be able to sell our products in the markets, at fair prices.
Residence and work permit cost 6,000 US$. Two flights and the shipment of a container to Panama are around 4,000 US$. The minimum amount of 5,000 US$ must be kept in your own bank account for the period of the application, which is about half a year. At least 5,000 US$ should be available as a private reserve for the first months.
In other words: 10,000 US$ have to be spent for permissions and 10,000 US$ have been set-aside. But that's not enough money to built a house or to buy land. Besides, 20,000 US$ is only enough for one person. Starting from Plan B, I will explain the possibilities to live and work at Fica Bayano.