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I have not updated the English part of this website for quite a while, however, everything is fine at Finca Bayano. There is simply too much work to do since the beginning of the plandemic. Right now, we are preparing a video concerning electricity, which will be online shortly. 

Panama, February of 2021


Residence Permit In Panama

If you assume that Europe and North America are about to be lost and you want to emigrate for this reason, this website is exactly the right place for you: At Finca Bayano in Panama, we are building a village where you can survive the crash!

The good times are over eventually and only if you prepare yourself in time, you may save what you have built up during your life. The more time passes, the more precious it becomes, and as events are overturning the crash feels like coming two days closer with each day that goes by.

We offer to support you during the whole process of applying for your residence permit. This includes the consultation before your arrival in Panama, the registration of a Panamanian company, picking you up at the Tocumen International Airport (PTY) and the organization of your stay in Panama City. We are planning the most important steps like the opening of a bank account, the introduction to our lawyer and visits to the immigration office. Also, we organize the journey to Finca Bayano, touristic trips to the sea or the highlands and we make sure that you get back to the airport on time.

If you apply for the “Friendly Nations Visa” you will receive a residence permit in Panama within a few months without making a major investment. One of the requirements to apply for this visa is to register a company, with which you declare your interest in doing business in Panama. Registering a company is the only step that you can do from outside Panama to start getting your residence permit. After you have sent us €1,800 and a scan of your passport, our lawyer will begin with the registration of the company. During the registration process in Panama City, which takes about ten days, you can obtain the other documents in your home country, have them scanned and send them to us. This way we can be sure that all the necessary documents will be available when they are needed to file the application.

The lawyer who represents our interests knows all about immigration in Panama. To make sure that everything works well, you may transfer the money to our company’s account, we instruct the lawyer and he gets paid when the work is done; this works perfectly. “Finca Bayano Management S.A.” does not provide legal advice – this task is performed exclusively by our lawyer.

Experience shows that future emigrants, who register a company before traveling to Panama, feel more comfortable after having registered it because this is the first step in the right direction to create a “Plan B”. After all, it is better to have such a plan when it is needed than hoping it would never become a necessity. If you start the registration after your arrival in Panama, you have to expect a delay of up to two weeks, because only after the company has been registered, the application for a residence permit may be filed. Many applicants do not have this time and therefore it is better if you register the company before your arrival in Panama.

In earlier times, it was certainly was a good idea to be familiar with the country which you intended to emigrate to, or get familiar with it in case you did not know it yet. in 2020, however, you might not have enough time anymore to travel a lot and find out which country suits you best, as time is running out. For that reason, and in order not to lose any more precious time, I recommend that you have the company registered before you come to Panama.

If you do so and you only find out that you do not like Panama after your arrival – which I doubt – you would have made a bad investment of €1,800, because in this case you would not need the company, since you would not apply for a residence permit. But if you like Panama and you decide to buy land at Finca Bayano, you save one journey to obtain your residence permit, because you can start the application for your residence permit right after your arrival if the company has already been registered. This way you save about $2,500 and you will receive your visa a few months earlier. In other words, there is basically no risk to register a company before you come to Panama.

You probably know that there is a limit on cash of 10,000 euros, francs or dollars which should not be exceeded undeclared when you leave your home country or when you enter Panama. On the other hand, it is not appropriate nowadays to declare such amounts when you are traveling. Since you need cash to guarantee quick settlements in Panama, however, you may transfer about half of this amount in advance to our bank account. You can find more information here.


You Can Only Survive Within A Functioning Group Of Like-Minded People

If you are aware of what is happening in the Western World and you have understood how much it has changed over the last few years, you should draw logical conclusions and emigrate.

When it comes to Europe, your destination should be a country outside that continent and not one close to your home, like Hungary or Poland, because we have to assume that the whole of Europe – the Azores and the Canary Islands included – will be flooded with refugees. This might sound utopian to you right now, but if someone would have told you back in 2010 how Europe looks like today, you probably would have doubted that, too, by then.

When it comes to the USA or Canada, you should consider a place where you may produce food all year round, as you will not make it in the cold regions.

If you decide to leave your home country, the first question that arises is which country you could go to, because there are very few countries that come into question. I chose Panama. There are no guarantees here either, but the conditions are much better than in most other countries. However, Panama itself is not the whole solution. First and foremost it’s a group of people that you have to look for and join. You could build a house at one of the many beaches in Panama or in the highlands of Chiriquí, but then you would be alone when you would need help. Even if you have a large family, according to Western criteria, you probably won’t be able to make it in the event of a worst case scenario.

Therefore, you need a large group of people who think like you and have the same goal as you and me: Survival! You need a group that can develop and hold its ground, a group that sticks together, a group that can defend itself, if necessary. As a “single” you will not be able to cope with what we are about to face, no matter how well prepared you are; be it with large supplies of food, tools, weapons and other important things. In this group it must not matter whether you are vegetarian or not, whether you are religious or not; and many other “trifles” that lead to conflict in modern societies must not matter in this group. The main thing is that we all have the same goal and stick together, because only then will we achieve it.

However, you have to organize yourself in time. At the eleventh hour it will no longer be possible to build or join a functioning community. Therefore, it is not only important that you emigrate, that you choose the right country and that you join a strong group. It’s just as important that you start planning in time. And that is: Better a year too early than one day too late, because it’s an illusion to believe that you will catch the last flight.


Europe Is Committing Suicide

While European problems came to Africa with the colonialisation of past centuries, today, African problems come to Europe with mass immigration. While Africa never became the first world through colonialisation, Europe today becomes third world through mass immigration. I therefore believe that it is right to say that we emigrants are not traitors who abandon their people or their country. It is much more true that we are forced to leave our home countries, because the majority of the population still accepts that the ruling class is destroying the foundations of life and deliberately bringing about the collapse of the Western World.

With the Global Migration Pact Europe is taken over without resistance. While Europeans are getting older and fewer by the day, the “others” are multiplying faster and faster. This development has started decades ago and has been accelerated since August 2015 with the first big refugee movement into Europe. Today, not even so-called populist parties are capable of reversing this development and it is becoming more and more obvious that a whole continent is committing suicide – Savile Town in England is already 100% Muslim and Germany is taking the same direction: In Frankfurt, more than 50% of the inhabitants are no longer organic Germans, 75% of all children under the age of six have a migration background and as far as children under one year of age are concerned, their share, according to the residents’ registration office, is an incredible 91%. Those who keep these figures in mind must come to the conclusion that staying in Europe means a greater challenge than emigrating. If you think the situation in the countryside is better, then look at the potato war of 1923, when people were still much more civilized than they are today.


Getting The Necessary Information

20 years ago, I began to doubt the system. It was clear to me by then that pensions would be anything but secure in the long term, due to demographic developments. But it made no sense to me to read thick books, because even at universities bogus was taught by that time, when it came to economics and social sciences. However, it was not until the year 2000, when much more information became available through the Internet in a much more compact style for the first time, to form my own opinion. Ten years ago I finally decided to emigrate.

Some people like Paul C. Martin, predicted the crash already in the 90ies. The essence of their statements was that although the collapse can be delayed, it cannot be prevented, for demographic reasons and because of the enormous indebtedness. On the one hand, the population of industrialized countries is the oldest in the world and aging is progressing rapidly. On the other hand, for technical reasons, real estate and other assets cannot be valued ever higher in order to ever increase the debt.

It cannot be predicted how much time is left to prepare at Finca Bayano, however, Martin and others wrote more than 20 years ago that the crash would be around the corner as soon as cash prohibition and negative interest rates are being discussed publicly. That’s the case today! If an increase of the national debt can only be maintained with negative interest rates, a cash prohibition must be introduced. Only with this measure, bank runs can be prevented and we will be forced to leave our money in the bank, even if it becomes less by the day. In addition, compulsory levies such as ” Burdensharing 2.0″ (which happened in Germany in 1952) and “Cyprus 2.0” (the confiscation of bank accounts in Cyprus in 2013) are to be expected.


My Decision To Emigrate To Panama

The only way not to be overrun by this development is to emigrate and leave Europe forever! I took this decision in 2010 and chose Panama, where I had been involved in a reforestation project since 2006. For that reason, I knew the country very well. There are beautiful beaches, both on the Pacific and the Atlantic, the people are friendly, the climate at higher altitudes is fantastic and the political situation is stable. The country offers the best conditions for year-round food production, is sparsely populated and fulfils the most important conditions for emigrants: residence and work permits are easy to obtain and foreigners can buy land without restrictions. The fact that the US dollar serves as Panama’s currency has had a decisive influence on my decision to emigrate to this country, because I assume that the dollar will survive all other currencies in the event of a crisis. Moreover, Panama is still one of the few tax havens where your savings are still safe.


The best slaves are those who do not even understand that they are enslaved!

Foundation Of Finca Bayano In June Of 2010

In June 2010 I founded Finca Bayano to build up an agricultural business with like-minded people. I advertised the project as a “Survival Insurance” for an uncertain future and “One Of The Few Real Alternatives To Survive A Crash In This World”. However, the interest in Finca Bayano was very low, until 2015. This changed in autumn of the same year with the influx of millions of refugees in to Europa. Since the migration pact was signed in December 2018, the interest in our project is greater than ever. At the moment the community consists of seven inhabitants, by mid 2020 we will probably be more than ten and by the end of next year a small village of 20 members should have emerged. The goal of self-sufficiency will be reached by 2021, at the latest.

Finca Bayano is located about 300 kilometers west of Panama City (8°05’56,59 “N and 81°28’29,38′”W) at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level, where almost perfect climatic conditions prevail. About one hundred inhabitants will live on an area of 34 hectares. Politically extreme opinions are not represented at Finca Bayano; we are not a sect and religion plays no role. The precipitation is abundant, the area may cannot be inundated because of the hilly location, spring water is available all year round in sufficient quantity and in very good quality. The soil is fertile, the region is sparsely populated and there are no tropical diseases. Industrial plants or power plants do not exist near Finca Bayano and there are no active volcanoes. During the last 500 years there has been no significant damage due to earthquakes and tropical storms have never happened due to the proximity to the equator. You may read more about other advantages of Panama in other sections of this website.


The Crash Will Come In Winter

Perhaps this autumn, when the cold sets in, millions more will be sent across the Balkans and the Mediterranean. It remains to be seen how they will behave in the event of a collapse.

If the lamps go out in Europe, the new world order will come, according to which 90% of mankind is to be “eliminated”. If there is no electricity for a month, the Middle Ages are the order of the day. If this condition persists over a longer period of time, the Stone Age will come.


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Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail!