The Building Plot B18

This lot has been sold – in a few days there will be another special offer.

The Building Plot B18 has a size of 665 square meters.

The price is $27 per square meter.

The cost of the the Building Plot B18 is $17,955.

I have been planting false sunflowers and reeds on Building Plot B18 for three years to improve the soil. Although this plot is primarily for building a house, it can feed a small family of two people on a vegetarian basis as soon as the quality of the soil permits. This goal will be achieved by the end of 2019.

On the one hand, the higher location offers a very good view, especially in direction west and northwest. Especially in the dry season, very nice sunsets can be observed from here. On the other hand, there is almost always a nice breeze blowing here, which is very pleasant during the warmer season.

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View to the east.


View to the south east


View to the south.


View to the south west.


View to the west.


View to the north west.



View to the north.