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  • The debt-money system is bound to collapse because endless debt is impossible.
  • In the modern world, there is no alternative to the debt money system. It is the only way for life to continue to the standards we have become so accustomed to.
  • There will be no “nuclear war”. The nuclear threat, as it is portrayed in the mass media, has never existed.
  • War against Iran is likely.
  • Civil wars are likely.
  • The coming crisis will last for several decades.
  • Humanity must, invariably, find its way back to Nature in order to survive or sustain itself for any duration beyond what is often perceived as the short-term.


The Inevitable Collapse of Our Debt Money System

“Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana

“The best slave is the one who thinks he is free.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

As far as the duration of the coming crisis is concerned, we can simply have a look at the past: from the duration of 1914 until the early 1950s, forty years, Germany was in a state of crisis. The Treaty of Versailles, signed in 1919, led to the hyperinflation of 1922/23. In bitter contrast to America at the time, the following seven years of the twenties in Germany were anything but “Golden”. Come 1930, the Great Depression begins. It took Germans no less than 20 years, until 1950, to get back to a reasonable normal standard of living. Taking the preparations for the First World War into account in this calculation, the crisis lasted about forty years. There were two wars and, according to official data, 70 million people died during that period. The stock market bubble of the 20s was caused by the fact that the money involved in the crash, courtesy of the so-called “Federal” Reserve, was created out of little more than thin air. Looking back on the Great Depression and the hyperinflation of Germany, one would assume that we’d learned our lesson. Unfortunately, reality, as it often does, paints a bleaker picture. That is – that the crash of 1929 was merely a minor event, when compared to the crash that is soon to come.

It takes little imagination to guess what will happen when the “bubble of all bubbles” bursts in the near future. Most probably, it will have a thousandfold size of the bubble of the so-called “Great” Depression. Even if it is impossible to realistically estimate the duration of the oncoming crisis, this comparison should illustrate quite well that the consequences of a future collapse cannot possibly be worked off in a few years, let alone a few months. Rather, it can be safely assumed that, following the coming crash, it will take a whole generation – around 30 years, at the very least – until a new system may begin to be established.

In this context, it becomes obvious how wrong it is to say that the crash would be the “solution” to the current problems faced by society, and the world at large. Those who express this opinion are either ordered to do so, or they do so in total ignorance. While the crash will indeed eliminate most of our current problems from the surface of the Earth, it will also, at the same time, take a hefty death toll – consisting of no less than the large majority of the world population. What will primarily disappear, when this crash is to occur, is the debt-money system holding the current suicidal system afloat. Unfortunately, there is still no practical alternative to this system, as the majority of mankind never would give up the luxuries of modern life voluntarily. But, as the debt-money system cannot possibly continue forever, the logical conclusion of our current situation is that, in the future, we will no longer be able to live the way we do today. Without the debt-money system, there is no economic growth. This means that, in long-term, Nature dictates that humanity be forced to reduce itself to a sustainable number – that being, one that is only a mere fraction of our current population.


The Legalization of All Drugs

Once cash has been abolished, all drugs – more or less everywhere – will be legalized. While it is already very mind-boggling that illegal narcotics are being sold, nearly everywhere, regardless of the law, it would be even more disturbing if they were being sold through credit card payments. Therefore, as soon as cash has been abolished, all drugs will be legalized and available only in pharmacies. It remains to be seen what the tens of thousands of dealers in the Western World will devote their time and energy to when they find themselves suddenly unemployed. In order to get the public accustomed to this, drugs will, soon enough, be legalized in one country after another.

As people grow more and more accustomed to the abolition of cash and the legalization of all drugs, Colombia and Afghanistan are likely to see major changes. In the past, civil wars were faked in order to make us believe that cocaine and opium producing areas were uncontrollable due to armed conflicts. After the legalization of all drugs, however, such measures will no longer be necessary. In the future, Colombia won’t need any more FARC rebels, who allegedly made sure that there was enough cocaine. In Afghanistan, neither Al-Qaida nor ISIS will be needed any more to supposedly “ensure” that opium fields are not destroyed. On the contrary, drug plantations are likely to be larger in both countries, and official licenses will be granted to cultivate cocaine and opium legally. Since illegal drug trafficking is one of the best deals for the rulers of the world today, legal drug trafficking will be even better, and they will certainly remain in business. Therefore, it must be assumed that they have already secured licenses for legal cultivation.

The Abolition of Cash and Precious Metals

Once cash has been abolished, negative interest rates will ensue and the greatest fraud of all time will enter its final stage. Only with this highly unpopular measure, will it be possible to send the system into another round. It’s impossible to guess how low interest rates are going to fall. However, as a matter of fact, with the system on its last leg at such a point, all reserves and savings will simply melt on the back of negative interest rates and extra taxes, which would, in turn, impoverish the large majority of the population. Such a period should not last more than two years. During this time, precious metals will be of little importance – at least for the time being. Once the “cash free period” has passed and normal currencies are being reintroduced, it is possible that gold and silver may be of use once again in order to build a certain level of prosperity.


Cyprus 2.0

ypriot banks were heavily invested in Greek government bonds, Greek real estate, and Greek markets, which resulted in heavy losses after 2010. In order to make up for the deficits, a seizure of bank deposits was ordered by the European Union and approved by the Cypriot Parliament in March 2013. This happened without due bankruptcy proceedings, without judicial review of assets and without the application of laws.

In the beginning, so-called “haircuts” were announced, but eventually up to 60% of the deposits of accounts with assets of more than 100,000 Euros were confiscated and exchanged involuntarily for worthless bank shares. Banks were closed for 10 days to prevent bank runs, all the while, Brussels argued that Cyprus is an offshore tax haven where rich Russians hid dirty money, and therefore the country could not expect help. Putin argued that the EU steals what had originally been stolen from the Russian people by oligarchs.

Although Cyprus is on the edge of Europe, it’s part of the EU, and thus, it may be logically deduced that what happened in Cyprus may just as easily happen to the rest of Europe. Get ready for future bail-ins! “Cyprus 2013” was no less than an experiment that revealed how people react to being blatantly robbed: They sit, watch, and, wait for it… and do nothing! Unfortunately, as a matter of fact, most people do not read between the lines. It’s quite a pity; from witnessing such an event, one may see what may very well soon be the reality for the rest of Europe.


There Will Be No Nuclear War – The Nuclear Hoax

It is very difficult to imagine that nuclear energy can cause total destruction; at least, not when taking into consideration the consequences of prolonged nuclear contamination. I believe that the mix of pollution and destruction is much more dangerous than nuclear energy. This issue affects densely populated areas in particular. Billions of people contribute to millions of tons of chemicals getting into the air, water and soil every day. The lowering of the groundwater table, the spread of electrosmog, and the loss of incredible amounts of fertile soil, due to erosion, are but a few more consequences to be taken into consideration. Not to imply that nuclear energy is harmless, but why would the world’s rulers contaminate the environment to spend the rest of their lives in bunkers? The chances seem nearly as low as the chances that they would commit suicide.

Due to mass indoctrination campaigns over the last few decades, I know of very few individuals who share this opinion. Nevertheless, one cannot deny that there are enormous contradictions regarding this topic. Half-lives tell us that it takes hundreds of thousands of years for certain substances to become harmless – yet cities like Hiroshima and Kiev have never been evacuated.

Population of Hiroshima.

The population of Hiroshima was drastically reduced in 1945 by air raids, but the city was always inhabited. If they show us photos of the complete destruction of Hiroshima, I must say, the damages of Dresden and Cologne were quite comparable, without being nuked. Ukraine, in 1986 was considerably similar. Moreover, Kiev, at a distance of less than 100 kilometers from Chernobyl, was never evacuated. Cruel photos of abortions can be found all over the internet, but who knows what may have been their true origin? Even in the case that they are indeed from Ukraine, we know that malformations occur all over the world. 200,000 died in Hiroshima because of the air raids, yet only 30 people were killed in Ukraine. As the mass media goes on and on about cancer and malformations, life seems to go on relatively normal. Likewise, there seems to be no shortage of room for “Color Revolutions”.

From Chernoby to Kiev: less than 100 KM!

Furthermore, it seems extremely unlikely to me that cancer rates near nuclear power plants are much higher than anywhere else, which they should be if nuclear energy really is nearly as destructive as the common consensus believes it to be. Quite plainly, it’s even possible to work inside nuclear power plants without suffering damages. After all, nuclear power has been around for over half a century, and thus, there should be no issue in finding solid evidence for either its safe or hazardous nature. This is especially true in the USA, whose facilities are not among the safest. Were the popular beliefs regarding the dangers of nuclear power indeed true, there would be an endless stream of compensation claims by such workers. This, quite plainly, seems to be far from the reality.

According to questionable information on the Internet, the entire northern Pacific has been contaminated by Fukushima. Evidently, there is no shortage of people who believe such nonsense without stopping for a second to question its validity. Two of our visitors even refused to bathe in the ocean at Santa Catalina beach because they did not have a Geiger counter…

If it truly is as bad as many believe, what consequences should we expect in the case that the biggest possible nuclear accident, a so-called GAU, should happen at a European nuclear plant? Surely, a domino effect would quickly ensue, due to the density of nuclear power plants in central Europe: the closest nuclear power plant is just a few kilometers away, and if the radiation were really as dangerous as officially claimed, then the area around the next nuclear power plant would also have to be evacuated, and so on. The amount of stupidity required to create such a situation, knowing the risks, makes me question the chances that such is actually the case, as it would be no less than a complete and utter disaster waiting to happen! Apart from that, earthquakes are not limited to Japan. California is similarly endangered and therein reside a large number of so-called elites. They literally walk over other peoples’ dead bodies, but not over those of their own. To think that they would willingly put themselves in such a suicidal situation is, to me, absolutely ridiculous.

Moreover, aircraft carriers that, due to their size, make the best targets for nuclear missiles, would also be out of service in the case that long-range nuclear missiles were actually as effective as they are being described. Following the invention of gunpowder and the production of reliable firearms, bows and arrows were no longer used. Accordingly, conventional weapons should no longer be used if reliable nuclear weapons were available to the degree of effectiveness to which they are portrayed. Since they are obviously non-existent, it seems that I do not go too far when I say that the nuclear threat – as it is presented to us – does not exist.

I’ve been pondering this topic for a long time, but I just cannot seem find a mistake in my assumption. For that reason, I see no reason to believe that Finca Bayano would be any better off, were it located in the southern hemisphere.


War Against Iran?

War Against Iran = War Against Israel = War against Europe

If the USA truly wanted to “take over” Russia, it could have done so, quite easily, when the US entered the first World War in 1917, as the country was very weakened at the time. Likewise, it would have been even easier for the USA to “liberate” an even weaker Soviet Union from Communism following the end of the second World War, in 1945. But, evidently, that is not, and never was, the goal, as, in reality, the Soviet Union and the United States have been partners since 1917. At that time, Lenin was overwhelmed with loans, from American bankers, granted to him for the purpose of seizing power in Moscow, and eliminating one of the USA’s biggest enemies, Russia, with the killing of the Czar and the founding of the Soviet Union. Even China was weak in 1945 and it would have been all too easy to “liberate” that country – the Japanese surely would have liked to help. But none of this was the goal. Had the Japanese seized control of Southeast Asia, they would have become a superior opponent to the USA in the second half of the 20th century. Instead, China and the Soviet Union were determined to act as alleged “enemies” during the so-called “Cold War” of the following decades, while the economic tigers of Japan and Germany were bombed into military insignificance. Still, to this day, China serves as an extended USA workbench, and buys American government bonds with negative interest rates to keep the Renminbi weak against the US dollar, as well as to guarantee cheap Chinese exports. The Americans, for their part, can only continue to build and maintain aircraft carriers with their “dollars printed out of thin air”, because they have “outsourced” their own economy in favor of mass employment therapy in China. Taking this into consideration, it’s not plausible that there will be a war between these countries – let alone a nuclear war.

Things are completely different with regard to Iran, which most probably will be in the center of the next war. Everything else – including North Korea – should be hooked off as distraction maneuvers. In fact, if Iran was truly a target of the “West”, all they would have to do is attack Israel, who, in turn, would then attack Europe, as assured by Martin van Creveld in 2003:

……….“We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch
……….them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European
……….capitals are targets for our air force…. We have the capability to take the
……….world down with us. And I can assure you that that will happen before
……….Israel goes under “

Fortunately, the internet does not forget.

We all know that the Middle East is the powder keg of all powder kegs, and we all wonder why nothing has happened so far. Even after the USA recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel – while the Turks call East Jerusalem the capital of Palestine – still, nothing has happened. However, one thing is becoming more and more apparent on a daily basis: there is no desire for a peaceful solution. The goal is the Iranian oil!


Civil Wars!

With the “Color Revolutions” and the Arab Spring, it became all too obvious that civil wars are far cheaper than conventional wars. In 2008, a CIA study stated that civil wars may be expected in Europe around the year 2020. The growth of the Muslim population in Europe, along with the simultaneous immigration from Islamic countries, stand in stark contrast to the decreasing European population, due to declining birth rates. Without proper assimilation of the immigrants, consequent ghettos would result in densely populated areas, which, in turn, would result in ungovernable areas. Serious crimes, extremism, and terrorism would arise. Many cities and towns have already witnessed such events transpire – their homes being broken into, their loved ones violated, and their ancestral homelands destroyed – all the while the “police” and “authorities” sit on the sidelines, in head to toe in armor and weaponry, yet too scared to act for the political and career-destroying ramifications of doing so, against the interests of their employers, or the so-called “elites”. Southern Italy has already seen itself destroyed by these so-called “peaceful refugees” – who are also called “rapefugees” in Germany. France, Great Britain, Belgium, Sweden and – of course – Germany should be especially concerned regarding this issue.

Now, the only thing missing is the post-2020 forecast, a final wake-up call only necessary for those with their eyes wide shut. Hooton and Morgenthau are long dead, but what they created continues to grow in Europe’s parliamentary dictatorships. It’s too bad that the tolerance and pain threshold of the Europeans will only be reached after having become a minority in their own continent. In reality, only a handful of people are responsible for most all major events in the world, while the overwhelming majority is completely clueless as to what is going on – like lambs to the slaughter. While a certain minority are actively using their brains to think outside the box of what they are spoon-fed via the Controlled Mass Media, an even smaller minority are actively preparing for what a mere handful of people are planning: the “conspiracy theorists” at Finca Bayano!


I Wish a Happy Awakening to All Those Who Are Still dreaming!