European Suicide

Islam and the Suicide of Europe
  • In Europe, as in many other places, Islam is becoming stronger day by day. Extreme fertility and immigration rates contribute to fast population growth. Not so in Panama!
  • Roughly 10 million Muslims already live in Germany, and more than 50 million in Europe.
  • At this rate, within 30 years, at the latest, Muslims in many European countries will be in the majority.
  • It may be assumed that a Muslim will be German Chancellor as early as 2040.
  • Many Europeans will emigrate.
  • The question is: Collective suicide in Europe or collective survival at Finca Bayano?


If the Quran is about recognizing non-Muslims as bad people who must be combated and suppressed until they are converted to Islam (or killed), then non-Muslims should realize that Islam is not a friendly, or “tolerant”, ideology, by any measure. There is no “Chrislam”. The Quran contains numerous verses encouraging war with unbelievers. Some are quite graphic, consisting of commands to chop off heads and fingers, and to kill infidels, wherever they may be hiding. Muslims who do not join the slaughter are called hypocrites, and are warned that Allah will send them to Hell. Excerpts from the Koran coincide with statements of hate preachers: Sura 2, Verse 191: And kill them nonbelievers wherever you find them, and turn them out from where they have turned you out… Sura 2, Verse 193: And fight them until there is no more disbelief and worshipping of others along with Allah… Sura 2, Verse 216: Fighting (Jihad) is ordained for you (Muslims) though you dislike it… Allah knows but you do not know… Sura 4, Verse 34: Men are in charge of women… And an Afghan proverb says: “The place of the woman is either her husband’s house or her grave”.

A few years ago a German president said, to the surprise of many Germans, that Islam belongs to Germany. As false as this statement may have been at the time, it is not nearly as false today, as forced mass immigration has, over the last decade, made Islam a part of Germany. There is no hope that Muslims will leave the luxuries of Germany to go back to their countries of origin before the standard of living in Germany will have fallen to that of the third world. Should many Germans decide to emigrate, due to the problems the people are facing now, this may quite soon be the case. Until then, the number of immigrants will continue to rise. As this process continues, European cultures will face even greater destruction, and Muslims will be even less likely to return to their countries of origin, as the next generation will consider Germany as their home-country.

As of today, Kosovo and Albania are the only countries in Europe with a Muslim majority. This will change rapidly in the near future. In a study, the Islamic Institute confirms the assumption that more than 50 million Muslims are expected in Germany in 2045. In this context, the Central Council of Muslims assumes that the German Chancellor will be one of them as early as 2040. A few years later, the German constitution could easily be annulled by a two-thirds majority consisting of representatives of Muslim origin. In another study, the Washington-based Pew Research Center for Europe predicts a dramatic increase in the proportion of Muslims in Europe’s population by 2050. Even if Europe’s borders were to be closed immediately and the migration rate reduced to zero, this trend shows very little chance of being stopped, as per the difference in fertility rates between Muslims and Europeans.

According to official reports which claim that 1.2 million refugees entered Germany in 2015 alone, the official estimate of there being 4.8 million Muslims within Germany’s borders may hardly be correct – the number should be around ten million by now. Besides, unofficial reports claim that two million have come in 2015. It is bad enough that official sources say that such figures have to be estimated, as Germany has the best population registration system in the world.

It is well known that modern democracies are not really democratic and we also know that elections would be banned if they could change anything. However, if things continue to develop at their current pace, soon there will be no more “elections”. Given the low voter turnout of modern European societies, it can be assumed that the Muslim part of the population does not even have to be at a 50% majority to win an election. Contrary to the inert native Europeans, all Muslims with European citizenship will go to the polls when it comes to taking power.

Consequently, there will remain no means for indigenous Europeans to win national elections of any form, as elections will be abolished in order to introduce medieval laws. That is: Sharia law, full body veils, amputations, child abuse, forced marriage of minors, honor killings, stoning, public cremations and persecution of Christians. There is no reason to believe that a future Muslim government in Germany – or whatever the name of the country would be by then – should be any better than the governments of Saudi Arabia or Somalia.

However, it’s not the Muslims who are to blame for this development, but the politicians who – for whatever reason – ensure that the borders remain open and that Christmas markets are fenced off. In particular, it is the mass media that deliberately deceives the people by spreading theories that the majority of Muslims are good citizens that abide by the constitution and are more than willing to assimilate. It is also the fault of immigration supporters, so-called do-gooders, who do not miss an opportunity to criticize those who think differently than themselves, yet always seem to turn a blind eye to the crimes of Muslim immigrants. Immigration supporters mostly come from the left-wing scene, are mostly atheists, and regard themselves as “free-thinking” people – politically correct, so to say. They ignore, however, or fail to realize, that gay men in Muslim countries are staked, and that Christians are under constant persecution. Immigration supporters also ignore the fact that Muslims who turn their backs on Islam may be sentenced to death. Furthermore, they ignore the fact that violence against unbelievers, which eventual results in the justification of terrorism, is deeply rooted in Islam, and is therefore a part of the culture of the majority of “refugees”. Immigration supporters, for reasons of ignorance, apathy, as well as other psychological reasons, refuse to realize that this kind of “cultural enrichment” is in fact cultural impoverishment which will ultimately lead to their downfall, and that the integration of Muslims in Europe is at extreme odds with their own way of life. Open borders and fenced-in Christmas markets are as perverse as a “Frenchman’s” call to make part of France available as a state for Muslims.

Undoubtedly, it would have been possible to attract people from other countries with appropriate economic incentive, if the intention of the mass immigration would have been the improvement of demographic values. Hindus and Buddhists certainly would have been the better choice, as they would have integrated far better into European societies. In reality, however, one of the primary reasons for the flooding of millions of refugees is the deliberate destruction of Europe.

The integration of the majority of Muslim immigrants is neither desired nor possible, as the differences between godly Muslims and freethinking Europeans are simply too large. The assertion by Islamic preachers that every human being is born a Muslim and only becomes non-Muslim through Satans’s negative influences shows how these people think, and that they, therefore, do not fit into the European population structure – at least not in such a large number. To them, Christianity and other religions are merely “circumstances of the past” and, therefore, must not be taken seriously or respected.

“Allah is everything and everything is Allah!” Human beings must not think independently or even express themselves critically. And because God is always at the center of all events, Muslims know no separation between religion and daily life. Therefore, Allah is omnipresent in politics and economics, and it is, therefore, only logical that Muslim legislation must be based on Sharia law. Only God’s will – whoever defines it – is in the foreground. A constitution, “officially” written by man, which does not correspond to the will of Allah, is therefore unthinkable.

Europeans may be Christians or atheists; however, one thing that most Europeans would not hesitate to agree on is the separation of church and state. They question current events and connections logically and form their opinion. They search for the cause and solve the problem. They recognize a need and make an invention. Europeans are progressive people who are constantly concerned with the idea of improving their situation. They do not assume that things are intended by God and must remain unchanged. Therefore, the European world, Christian or atheist, is far superior to the Muslim world. This statement is supported in particular by the minimal share of Muslim inventions in the last centuries.

What positive influence should this religion have if believers are unable to read the Koran, let alone understand it? How should they concern themselves with improving their situation, when changes are called blasphemies? How should Muslims shape their lives when they have to pray five times a day? How should they take a critical look at current events when only Allah has the answer to all their questions? How should men behave towards women when they are taught that women are unclean? What kind of integration should there be when hate preachers call on Muslims to destroy Christians and other non-Muslim creations of Satan? How could they be sincere with Christians when they are taught that non-Muslims are equal to the sweaty stench of camels and to be compared scum eaters?

Under the burden of these questions, a “very special kind of man” has been developing for quite a while: young Muslims in Europe, who have been oppressed for decades and who enjoyed a questionable education, believe that they can take the best of both worlds. They are guided by Muslim rules, which sometimes demand the chopping of hands when other Muslims are harmed, and they are taught to steal, cheat, rape, and kill non-Muslims. Young Muslims, however, are also guided by the European way of life: They take drugs and enjoy the benefits of living a life outside Sharia Law, but also know that paradise is denied to them when they give themselves into “sin”. These problems give rise to contradictions and cognitive dissonances that many of these people cannot cope with. They develop feelings of inferiority that generate extreme hatred towards non-Muslims, and they build aggressions that will one day lead to acts of violence and even civil war. Hundreds of thousands of this “very special kind of people” are already living in Europe, and millions more are already well on their way to join them.

Real estate prices in no-go areas will remain stable as long as the government pays the rent. Once this changes, these buildings will quickly lose their value and, if you do not sell your apartment or house in time, you will risk losing the property completely or even having it assessed negatively. This is already the case in Detroit, where more than half of the inhabitants have left due to the economic decline. White South Africans have a similar problem, especially in the rural areas: Real estate can hardly be sold any more. On the one hand, there are no buyers who have enough money and, on the other, black South Africans are simply waiting for expropriation of the whites without compensation.

On the basis of the findings and assumptions made in this essay, I believe that Germany and most of Europe is lost. Considering the influence that a relatively small Muslim minority, an estimated 12%, already has today, it’s not hard to guess what it will look like once this minority is 30% or more. The more time passes, the fewer natives and the more Muslims will make up European societies. Since this development is exponential in both directions, things are moving faster and faster. According to the last election, not even 15% of German voters have understood this.

This suggests that the majority of Europeans are going to commit collective suicide. The situation is still relatively relaxed. A few deaths at Christmas markets – no matter who is responsible – are not enough to wake up the European population. If, however, a group of lunatics were to decide to commit genuine terror by attacking subways, schools and kindergartens with thousands of deaths, the mood among the host people might change.

So far, there have only been a handful of bloodthirsty preachers of hatred in Europe urging young Muslims to commit suicide attacks. When even a promised spot in paradise is not enough to lure a significant number of assassins into suicide, it becomes obvious that young Muslims do not, in reality, take Islam as seriously as their forefathers. They prefer to go to the disco than to go to the bomb-making class.

For this reason, we have to ask ourselves why those preachers of hatred, who would like to see a faster Muslimization of Europe, do not strap a grenade belt around their bodies and do the job themselves, blowing away “Satan’s Breed”  in the subways. The answer is very simple: Of course, they are aware that there is no paradise but that the end justifies the means, so they send the others, useful idiots, to their deaths. Since human beings have learnt to speak, they have become all the more obsessed with taking advantage of others. Medicine men, ayatollahs, cardinals, and preachers of hatred are all the same kind of bloodsuckers who all have the same goal – they want to gain recognition and power without making a positive contribution to society. To that effect, the greatest lie on earth is the easiest way for them to reach their goal: They promise their followers an eternal life after death. The difference with the hate preachers is that they promise 72 virgins in addition!


You Still Have The Choice Between
Collective Suicide in Europe and
Collective Survival at Finca Bayano!