For about 20 years I have assumed that the system we live in will collapse. On the one hand because of the immense debt, but of course also because of the overpopulation and pollution of the planet. I do not want to go into other reasons here – others have said enough about this and I have commented on this in detail on my old website. I left Germany in 2010 and am sure that I made a very good decision.


If you want to emigrate, you’ve come to the right place on this page, because Panama is still the best alternative. Surviving the further course of an ever escalating crisis in Europe will not be possible for most people. No doubt adjusting to the future will also be a challenge in Panama, but neither are there millions of refugees here, nor is there a Ukraine around the corner. The sparsely populated country offers excellent conditions for growing food in an almost perfect climate. As an aside, foreigners with a valid residency permit are allowed to own guns in Panama and carry them concealed. Furthermore, foreigners residing in Panama do not have to pay taxes on profits made abroad; this applies in particular to IT.


residence permit

Until August 2021 it was relatively cheap and easy to get a residence permit. At a cost of about $7,000, applicants were granted a temporary residency permit after about a week and a permanent permit was usually granted after half a year.


Today, $200,000 must be invested to apply for a residence permit: Applicants receive a temporary residence permit with the purchase of a property and the final residence permit is only issued after two years have elapsed and after verification that the property is still registered in the applicant’s name.


If you have these means and you want to emigrate to Panama in time, I suggest you to buy a property on the Finca Bayano and we will build you a house on it. Building a 65 square meter house costs around $130,000 – for $70,000 we can offer you a 10,000 square meter lot.


We can discuss everything else personally.


Building and agricultural land


Total area of ​​Finca Bayano: 34.73 hectares

Area of ​​agricultural land: 20.4 hectares

Number of agricultural plots: 53

Area of ​​building plots: 10.13 hectares

Number of building plots: 88

Minimum size of building plots: 600 m²

Area of ​​paths and stream: 4.2 hectares

Length of the paths: 2,200 meters

Length of the creek: 1,500 meters

the properties are registered in the name of the buyer in the “Registro Público” – the land register of Panama

the subdivision of the Finca Bayano into individual plots and the land register entries will take place in 2020


building lots

Building plots can be seen in this picture. Plots marked red are sold, plots marked blue are not sold. With an area of ​​661 m², B1 is one of the smaller plots; B43 has 1,158 m².


Building plots have an area of ​​at least 600 m². A square meter of building land is available from US$ 40. In order to be able to feed a family of four on a vegetarian basis, an area of ​​around 1,000 m² of land is required with optimal use and irrigation. Small animals such as chickens and rabbits can be kept on building plots. Building plots are not suitable for horses and cows. A large animal requires a grazing area of ​​around 2,000 m².


The spring is located between lots B80 and B18, where the path bends. A secondary entrance to Finca Bayano is located between plots B39 and B40. Outside of Finca Bayano, however, the path can only be passed on foot or on horseback.


agricultural plots


On this picture you can see plots of land agricultural plots. Plots marked red are sold, plots marked blue are not sold. One square meter of agricultural land starts at US$12. A47 is the smallest agricultural plot with an area of ​​1,010 m², A36 has 10,706 m².


Agricultural plots can be shared by several parties. If you are thinking of keeping large animals such as horses or cows, you need agricultural land. With optimal management and irrigation, five large animals can find space on one hectare.


The main entrance is between lots A22 and A36.



Land by the creek


Both agricultural land and building land located on the creek have a creek bank that is at least ten meters wide and runs parallel to the creek. It is marked green on the map and consists of two zones:


The zone at a distance of three meters parallel to the creek bed is considered a protection zone and is part of the creek.


The zone at a distance of three to ten meters parallel to the stream bed is also considered a protection zone. Trees can be planted here.


The creek bank belongs to the respective agricultural or building plot and can be used to a limited extent, but it cannot be purchased, since areas on the waterfront in Panama are state property. Water can be taken from the stream, but a minimum must flow on to other fincas.


It is not allowed to build on the bank of the stream and no trees may be felled. Dams can be built with an exemption from the Environmental Protection Agency “Mi Ambiente”.


Our neighbours


The coordinates of Finca Bayano are 8°06′N and 81°20′W. As you can clearly see on Google Earth, the area is very sparsely populated. I have pointed out several times on this website that the sparse population is a very important criterion for our project. In densely populated areas it will hardly be possible to survive in the event of a crisis.


To the west of Finca Bayano is the village of Garnadera with 500 inhabitants; apart from “pure nature” there is nothing here. There are a few shops and a bank in Las Palmas, seven kilometers away. Pharmacies, petrol stations and a hospital are in Soná, 40 kilometers away. Everything else is in Santiago, 80 kilometers away. A drive there takes about 90 minutes. It is 330 kilometers to Panama City. The journey takes five hours by car or seven hours by bus.


the location of Finca Bayano




It really wasn’t easy to find land to found Finca Bayano. I am often asked how I got here. I always reply that I traveled thousands of kilometers in Panama and found the best conditions in Garnadera de Las Palmas, in the Veraguas region: the climate is very pleasant, there is enough water, the region is very sparsely populated, the local one Population is very friendly and there is almost no pollution. Finally, it’s not too far from the Pacific, while Panama City and the borders are a reasonable distance away.


Not an object of speculation


The Finca Bayano is a “survival insurance”. If there is a crash and one day we have to live exclusively on our own products, this investment is invaluable. However, the Finca Bayano is not suitable as a speculative property, since an increase in the value of the land – beyond the costs incurred – is not to be expected.




Houses can be built on both building plots and agricultural plots. Building a house on a plot within the village has the advantage of living in close proximity to other villagers. Finally, we are preparing for a time when protecting the village community may be important. Today the area around Finca Bayano is very safe, but it cannot be ruled out that future events in other parts of the world will also have a negative impact on our region. Therefore, the best solution is to buy a building plot for building a house, and agricultural land for food production.



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